Simon White's Photo Page

Collected here are (almost) all of my photos I've taken since getting my digital camera a few years ago. The gallery is a set of cgi scripts of my own writing - thus they are not the best in the world, but they do the job.

Also included are a selection of photos from other people, mainly those without their own online gallery. The Links Page gives access to my friends online galleries as well as a few other useful sites.


Any photos to do with Gaming or RPGSoc are located at my e-site. The gallery scripts are located at Φ along with other odds that don't fit anywhere else.

Active Content

Other Content


All additions will be documented on the updates page from now on.

v5.24 CGI scripts are broken, the site is currently running the v5.22 gallery program. I have no immediate plans to fix the problems.

All non-photo based activity has been moved to different sites (see the Gateway navigation page). In particular development of the gallery scripts has moved to Φ.

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